(11/25/2015) Braum ability redesign. (link)
-Removed some of his more aggressive playmaking abilities and replaced them with tools more suited to his overall protective playstyle. 

(11/20/2015) Bard ability update. (link)
-Made his shrines a bit less complicated, while giving them room to do what I had initially intended--give Bard a reason to share them with lanes aside from his own, while still fitting in with his roaming profile and having both a significant out-of-combat use and a minor in-combat use, which can each be foiled by enemy positioning. 

(5/18/2015) Miss Fortune ability update. (link)

-Changed Q and E from a bonus damage/Grievous Wounds effect and a bouncing bullet that could apply that effect, to a long-range flare that can tag enemies, and an inaccurate spray of bullets that home in on nearby tagged enemies, to reinforce Miss Fortune's role as an anti-invasion skirmisher (and a kick-ass bounty hunter). Experimenting with a change to Bounty! that allows her to track her quarry in the fog of war, instead of just giving her raw chasing power (which should generally stay on Vayne). 


(5/5/2015) Fiddlesticks ability update. (link)
-Crowstorm, previously unchanged, now favors single-target ambushes and helps Fiddlesticks survive them in tandem with Cry Murder. 


(5/4/2015) Nunu ability update. (link)
-Changed Snow Flurry from a spammable slow/knockback on an ammo system (that would quickly push enemies out of cast range) to a less powerful volley of movespeed reducing (but otherwise harmless) snowballs that Nunu can throw while Willump moves about, followed up by a large chunk of ice from Willump that knocks away enemies still in range. Also, Yeti Stomp now stuns minions and monsters instead of reducing their attackspeed, to make up for some of Nunu's lost jungle survivability. 

(5/3/2015) Alistar ability update. (link)
-Fixed a lot of the issues in Alistar's initial redesign and gave him a niche beyond "tank with CC" by changing Ironhide from a regular defensive steroid to an aggro-generating ability that can allow him constant use of his crowd control abilities (and Innate) if ignored by his enemies.

(4/29/2015) Ashe ability update. (link)

-Changed Frost Shot and Focus to be more user-friendly and satisfying in response to the Ashe rework on the PBE. Still keeping her as an ability-focused siege Marksman as it allows for mechanics that help empower her gameplay fantasy (pulling back the bowstring and letting loose). 


(4/29/2015) Garen ability update. (link)

-Limited Courage's passive heal to a duration, applied an internal cooldown to it, and removed the armor/MR bonus to make room for more powerful but heavily skirmish-favoring durability. 


(4/14/2015) Sejuani redesign overhaul. (link)

-Tore my previous redesign down and rebuilt Sejuani from the ground up as a tank focused entirely around chasing fleeing enemies down, cutting off their escape, and setting them up for her allies. Should be a bit less messy now that every mechanic has a reason to be on there aside from "it was on her Live kit"!


(3/9/2015) Vel'Koz gameplay update. (link)

-With a larger focus on lasers and eyeballs, Vel'Koz is now an aggressive vision support--keeping an eye on select members of the opposing team and studying them (with lasers!) over time. Still has that cool feeling of melting through people with his Live ult, but concentrated throughout his entire kit. 

(2/27/2015) Zilean ability redesign. (link)

-Now has Bard's cool ult! The Zilean redesign has always been about controlling engagements in very small windows of time--allowing allies to recklessly jump into skirmishes without worry and dampening the effectiveness of skirmish-based enemies--but now that non-discriminatory stasis allows him to do it in an even more time mage-y way. And it directly synergizes with his other abilities, too!

(2/27/2015) Bard ability redesign. (link)

-Took the two abilities that didn't encourage, enable, or reward wandering in any way (or at least not moreso than any other limited-range ability), and replaced them with ones that did--while tuning his shrines and mobility spell to fit his pacifistic playstyle and hone his niche. Now Bard, instead of wandering and setting up kills with CC and his Jungler's Delivery Service, now still wanders (maybe a bit moreso?), but is now also focused on stepping in and giving his allies room to breathe and control engagements in a non-lethal, kid-friendly way. 

(2/10/2015) Heimerdinger ability update. (link)

-Overtime now has a unique effect depending on the machine it's cast on (rather than a % effectiveness buff); the PAT-2 Escort Bot can no longer be controlled, and automatically positions itself between Heimerdinger. Also tied most of Heimerdinger's offensive capabilities to tagging enemies with his autoattacks, to add a bit of risk/reward to his otherwise fairly safe playstyle. 

(2/3/2015) Dr. Mundo ability update. (link)
-Changed Malpractice from a flat statistical debuff on-hit to a slowly amplifying debuff that grants bonus effects to abilities that Dr. Mundo uses against enemies afflicted by it. Also tweaked Depravity to encourage Dr. Mundo to get closer to the minion wave to sustain his offensive patterns. 

(2/3/2015) Vi gameplay update. (link)
-Shaved down the unneccessary aspects of Cross Counter, while scaling it down so it activates more frequently throughout longer fights. Also scaled down Denting Blows and added a ramping component to it to further lower Vi's burst and increase her brawling power. 

(2/3/2015) Varus ability update. (link)
-Increased the effects of Piercing Arrow while increasing its cooldown per target, to make its general use case "jump in close for an occasional burst of damage" instead of "stand next to enemies for huge DPS".

(2/3/2015) Master Yi ability update. (link)
-Changed Wuju Style's active component from the true damage on-hit to temporary % bonus armor penetration, to better compliment his fairly ability-centric kit while allowing him more generalized damage vs. enemy teams in the lategame. 


(2/3/2015) Galio ability update. (link)
-Greatly reduced the amount of time Galio can fly around with enemies via Righteous Gust. 

(2/3/2015) Olaf gameplay update. (link)
-Shaved down the slew of bonus effects granted by Ragnarok, and spread them throughout the rest of his kit, so that the effect of his ultimate is more dependent on constant successful use of his abilities moreso than the press of a single button.

(2/3/2015) Twisted Fate ability update. (link)
-Sleight of Hand no longer procs against minons, so TF can still last-hit while preparing for favorable trades in-lane. 

(2/3/2015) Teemo ability update. (link)
-Changed Noxious Trap's damage from flat damage equal to about half of its current Live value to a % of the target's current HP. While I still don't want Noxious Trap to be a super frustrating health-chunking stealth nuke, changing its damage style allows them to still soften up enemies a bit before fights, while giving Teemo the option between placing them out of the way for maximum map vision, or putting them where they're most likely to get trampled for a bit of objective- or teamfight-discouraging damage. 

(2/3/2015) Skarner ability update. (link)
-Changed Diamond Crush's bonus damage from a flat amount to a % of the target's current HP--mostly to bring it more in-line with Skarner's ambush-style play and make his power more situational, while also giving him a bit more damage vs. large jungle monsters without increasing his clear speed too much. 

(1/24/2015) Leona redesign overhaul completed. (link)

-Removed the forward shove from Barrier Shield (since it was overloading the ability a bit much) and turned it into its own ability: Solar Shock, which knocks away all nearby nearby enemies and briefly reduces their damage output, and sweeps all nearby enemies forward instead of knocking them away if Barrier Shield is active. 

(12/12/2014) Karthus redesign overhaul. (link)

-Wasn't too satisfied with how Karthus's old kit played out, so I took another stab at doing the old Deathsinger right. Now Karthus still benefits from enemy death as his first redesign did, but channels this power more directly into his own abilities instead of commanding ghouls (which is kind of Yorick's thing anyway). Also, his new kit's modeled after the structure of a song, imagine that!

(11/20/2014) Draven ability overhaul. (link)
-Mostly addressed Stand Aside's lack of cohesion within the kit by replacing it with a more execution-based ability, helping further define Draven's already unique niche in the process. To compensate for the loss of CC and its place on Draven's fall-back pattern, it has been replaced by optional, low-risk reliability for the times where Draven can't afford to go big or go home.

(11/18/2014) Tristana ability overhaul. (link)
-Took another look at Tristana's redesign and attempted to address the problems created by having both Rocket Jump and Buster Shot on a long-range kit. Now, Rocket Jump and Buster Shot are mutually exclusive parts of her ultimate (using the Rocket Jump portion detonates the Buster Shot while it's being loaded, destroying it but launching Trist to safety), Buster Shot's reliability and multi-target knockback have been traded for counter-initiation and AoE damage, and Rocket Jump has been replaced with a siege-based ability that acts as a set-up for Tristana's AoE DPS. 

(11/12/2014) Taric ability overhaul. (link)
-Changed Taric's initial Dazzle replacement from a convoluted ring of breakable crystals meant for trapping enemies to a much simpler and even more proximity-reliant form of crowd control. Crystal Prison is now a circle AoE skillshot with travel time (similar to Live Galio's Resolute Smite) that roots enemies once it reaches its destination, with its AoE scaling with Brilliance stacks. 


(11/12/2014) Vayne gameplay update. (link)
-Followed up Silver Bolts's previous changes (true damage to % bonus armor penetration), while rearranging her power budget and raising her skill ceiling. Silver Bolts can now be used to make frequent decisions between in-fight mobility/positioning, raw damage output, and self-peel, and Final Hour has been changed from a high-power stat boost on a long/static cooldown to something more directly relevant to her commitment-based playstyle, which can also potentially be used multiple times in the same teamfight. 

(11/12/2014) Gangplank ability update. (link)

-Added a bit more risk to Parrrley's bonus gold mechanic and gave it some interaction with the rest of his kit; also changed Raise Morale's buff from a flat stat boost so something that further enhances Gangplank's skirmish-and-invade playstyle, while axing its passive stat bonus and shaving a few seconds off of its duration to make some room for a bit of a teamfight snowballing effect.  


(11/12/2014) Kha'Zix ability update. (link)

-QoL/consistency fix on the Leftovers system, changing from a stacking system that stores damage from the last 5 instances of damage from Kha'Zix, to a fixed healing cap.

(11/12/2014) Miss Fortune ability update. (link)

-Changed the effects of the Bounty! debuff and removed the gold-on-kill passive. The debuff now grants Miss Fortune a much more consistent damage bonus against debuffed enemies, and the gold bonus portion has been boosted significantly but is now reliant on committing to enemies with bounties on their heads.


(11/12/2014) Poppy ability update. (link)

-Adjusted some of her abilities to feel less bad on the opponent's end while maintaining the same overall effect. Instead of taking huge reduced damage from her basic attack targets, her redesigned Innate now gives her a stacking shield with consecutive hits that absorbs some of the damage dealt to her by her last basic attack target, and her ultimate's duration has been reduced, but can be brought back to its current duration by attacking the champion she ulted (to prevent abuse cases). 

(11/12/2014) Pantheon ability update. (link)

-Worked to further differentiate Grand Skyfall's use cases in and out of Phalanx. Now instead of a general difference in damage, the standard Grand Skyfall acts as a tricky-to-land execute meant as follow-up to initiation, while in Phalanx it acts as more of a long-distance initiation with Grand Skyfall's current range and slowing effect (with a sweet spot to reward players used to landing the execution Skyfall). 

(11/9/2014) The League of Legends Redesign Master Site is now officially up and running! 

-I'll be gradually updating the changelog and About page over the next week or so, on top of organizing my original kit designs and creating a page for them. 


(11/7/2014) All Prototype Showcases have been edited and uploaded. These can be found on the Champ Redesigns page, by clicking on the portrait of their respective champions. 


(9/28/2014) Partial Leona redesign overhaul. (link)
-With the release of Braum, the Leona redesign's initial gameplay niche of "stand in between both teams and intercept attacks for your allies" became a bit redundant. This update (E still in progress) is aimed towards allowing Leona to remain a shield-focused tank without stepping on Braum's toes. While Braum is more focused on blocking smaller bursts of ranged damage and jumping in to defend allies, Leona is more about hunkering down and blocking off enemies, finding strength in bottlenecked areas and sustained fights. 


(9/27/2014) Small Talon gameplay adjustmens. (link)

-In response to the small change to Cutthroat on Live, I've taken a look at Talon's redesign and made the silence on Cutthroat slightly weaker and much more conditional (allowing opportunities for counterplay while still rewarding skillful plays on Talon's end). I've also taken this as an opportunity to turn Talon's AoE from something that allows him to burst down large groups of enemies to something that actively punishes Talon for trying to assassinate well-protected enemies. 


(9/27/2014) Full Nautilus redesign overhaul. (link)

-While my first pass over Nautilus unified his kit in terms of offensive scaling and damage type, this one was more aimed at unifying Nautilus's kit and gameplay. Nautilus is now much more defined by his huge anchor, and has gone from a generally useful CC/initiation tank to a subaquatic powerhouse with abysmal mobility but the potential to really lock down nearby foes. 


(9/27/2014) Slight Thresh ability change. (link)

-While super cool, I've come to the conclusion that Dark Passage's "save an ally" mechanic wasn't a good fit for Thresh thematically, and didn't fit in with his "lurk around and lock down enemies" kit. It has instead been replaced by a mechanic that allows Thresh to acquire more souls while putting himself into more risk, while also amplifying his close-range threat and lockdown ability. 


(9/27/2014) Diana gameplay overhaul and ability tweaks. (link)

-Just as with her Live iteration, the Diana redesign suffered from an unhealthy ambiguity between the Assassin and Fighter roles--combining huge and consistent AoE damage with the ability to pick off individual targets. This overhaul aims to make her a bit cooler thematically while giving her a more defined gameplay niche as an "all-in assassin" that brands enemies as targets of her aggression (via proximity) and loses effectiveness in bottlenecks or in the middle of crowded teamfights. 


(9/26/2014) Tryndamere redesign overhaul. (link)

-While I had initially pieced a kit together to allow Tryndamere to play as a melee carry without falling into traditional melee pitfalls, he ended up as a ball of stats with poor scaling and almost none of the weaknesses attributed with melee range. This new redesign instead focuses on turning Tryndamere into a scaling-dependant melee carry who grows more powerful as his Fury builds, and trades in the ranged carry advantage of ranged safety for huge multi-target DPS, even after death.


(8/30/2014) Viktor redesign update. (link)

-Made Viktor's Tier 1 Augmentation bonuses more aligned (minor boost to ability functionality plus a basic attack modifier), reworked Power Transfer to fit its augmentation line's specialization on support utility, and changed his ultimate to adjust with his specialization.


(8/21/2014) Sion ultimate overhaul. (link)

-Changed Butchery from being a simple renaming of Cannibalism into something that fits a similar function. It now consists of a passive healing function that helps accommodate his heavy health costs, and an active effect that focuses Cannibalism's old bonuses into a single-target ability built around sustained brawls. 


(8/18/2014) Skarner ability overhaul. (link)

-Took prototyping as an opportunity to give Skarner another look-over, and this time focused on balancing him out as a jungler. While his old kit allowed him huge ganking power, general jungle survivability, and respectable clear speed, it gave him a bit too much of everything, potentially either resulting in a Skarner that was good enough at enough things to edge out other junglers, or too weak at any individual thing to matter. I've changed his Innate from a jungle clear mechanic to an ambush durability mechanic (that also increases jungle survivability), fully embracing his ambush/kidnapper tank archetype while sticking to his strengths and weaknesses.


(8/13/2014) Swain ability updates. (link)

-While currently tentative, I am considering taking Swain's "raven/tactician" theming to balance out his superior standoff kit, by adding the prerequisite of vision to any of his abilities that don't already have it (currently Ominous Flock and Macabre Emissary). This should hopefully balance out Swain's standoff strength by making him even weaker to ambushes and ganks.


(7/3/2014) Caitlyn ability updates. (link)

-Took Caitlyn's sniper theming to iron out some of her shakier mechanics--namely her Innate and Lock-On. As opposed to granting her autoattacks bonus damage with range, her Innate now periodically grants her next basic attack bonus damage that can be blocked by enemies in between her and her target, and Lock-On now guarantees a critical hit after a period of time that scales with % crit chance as opposed to granting % crit chance against the marked target and making her pray for a crit.


(6/27/2014) Sion Innate overhaul. (link)

-While originally a straight copy+paste of Anivia's old Innate, I've changed Sion's passive to something more relevant to his playstyle while making adjustments to acknowledge how such an ability would affect a Sion-level tanky champion. As opposed to simply reviving him after lengthy delay, his rise-from-the-dead mechanic now has a prerequisite of being in combat for some time, while also restoring only a fraction of his health but over a much shorter time. 


(6/6/2014) Veigar ability update and overhaul. (link)

-Went through with some changes I meant to make to Seize Magic a while ago, and changed his ultimate (which was previously the same as Live). Seize Magic no longer has its silence, its mana burn is less devastating (and the mana restore is more consistent on Veigar's end), and its overall effects are much weaker, but it now allows Veigar to penetrate the tethered enemy's MR and amps up significantly over the first half of the tether's duration, staying in line with keeping Veigar a devastating opponent if ignored. His ultimate now, instead of dealing a huge burst of magic damage partially based on enemy AP (which sent the message of "don't be successful as an AP mage if you're against Veigar"), now marks a target for a short duration and detonates for a similar burst of magic damage if they use any abilities while it's active; this allows Veigar to also maintain his identity of an anti-caster mage, who can potentially take an enemy caster out of the fight as soon as it begins, but not necessarily by bursting them from 100 to 0. 


(4/21/2014) Complete Jax redesign overhaul. (link)

-I had initially set out to turn Jax into a hyperscaling lategame carry with pitiful early game, who relied on amping up within fights for his effectiveness and was more effective against single targets than in full teamfights, but the number of multi-target effects and teamfight effectiveness that I had included actively worked against that. Now, Jax is much more focused around 1v1 dueling and late-game power, while still relying on longer fights that involve both attacking and being attacked. I've also added a bit more depth and decision-making to him, changing his ult from a flat offense-to-defense (and defense-to-offense) stat buff to a defensive/offensive stance change, and changing Empower from a spammable on-hit effect to a risk-reward ability that charges up every third hit and can be activated to deal potentially huge damage based on charge, but losing the charge and its bonuses in the process. 


(4/15/2014) Experimental Warwick redesign overhaul. (link)

-Although Warwick's current identity is that of a super high-sustain drain tank that can outlast people in fights and chase them down as they flee (and his initial redesign embraced both of those facets of play), I have realized that allowing Warwick to do both at the same time would either require that both be lukewarm compared to other champions, or that one generally trumps the other. However, via a re-using of Rengar's "Ferocity" resource, I have attempted to create a Warwick that is still capable of both and to a satisfyingly powerful degree, but never at the same time. This new Warwick gains and loses Ferocity through ability use, constantly shifting between "sated" Warwick, an Immortal Dog that can holy you in place and outlast you in a fight, and "hungry" Warwick, a less durable but much faster bloodhound that can chase down low-health enemies across the map and finish them off. 


(3/12/2014) Jarvan IV ability update. (link)

-While I had initially kept Demacian Standard as a minor part of a gap-closing combo that also gave himself and allies some helpful in-combat stats, I decided to give it some vulnerability while also keeping it more in-line with J4's redesign direction of "favors fights with the most amount of enemies and allies possible". Now, Demacian Standard passively grants J4 a different and more noticeable set of bonuses, has hit-points similar to a ward or Zyra's plants, and while it still grants its passive effects as an aura when thrown down, it now also increases the effects of J4's own passive effects depending on how many of his allies are affected by it. 


(3/12/2014) Vayne ability update. (link)

-Changed Silver Bolts's % total armor penetration to % bonus armor penetration to maintain its identity as a tank-shredding/target-agnostic ability, while pulling it a bit further away from true damage. 


(1/25/2014) Hecarim ability overhaul. (link)

-Changed Warpath from a fairly unnoticeable boot-scaling AD bonus to something that actively helps him fulfill his role. Now, instead of receiving a flat, passive bonus, Hecarim will now become affected by Warpath after moving uninterrupted for 5 seconds, causing his next basic attack to deal % bonus damage and carry himself to the opposite side of his target.


(1/24/2014) Morgana ability overhaul. (link)

-Changed Morgana's Innate passive from a small defensive aura, to something more in-line with her martyr-like playstyle, now granting her a % bonus to armor and MR based on how much of her total health she is missing. 


(1/23/2014) Nidalee ability overhaul and gameplay update. (link)

-Removed all attackspeed-related buffs on Nidalee's human form (since it's more built around poking and prodding than any sort of DPS) and replaced them with bonuses more relevant to that form's playstyle. Wild Spirit's human form passive bonuses are now only increased basic attack range, and bonus cooldown reduction, and human form's E is now a passive effect that causes her basic attacks and abilities to apply a % current health damage-over-time effect that amps up depending on how long since it was last triggered.


(1/23/2014) Taric ability update. (link)

-As part of my Passive Aura Crusade, I've removed the flat armor bonus aura on Shatter (which was mostly unchanged) and replaced it with an aura that gradually applies a stacking shield that takes a while to built up but lasts until destroyed. I will also likely change Crystal Prison entirely sometime down the line because it way more complicated than it needs to be.


(1/23/2014) Akali ability overhaul. (link)

-Akali's Twilight Shroud was a really cool and thematic mechanic, but it didn't quite fit with Akali's mobile assassin playstyle--either forcing her to sit in her bubble for a while and wait for her cooldowns, or use it to do weird brush jukes. I've decided to change it into something even cooler and more thematic while also fitting in more with the Akali redesign's focus on preparation and premeditation, going from a small stealth zone that slows opponents to a mobile, temporary stealth that requires a decent set-up time between its initial activation and the second activation that actually activates its effects. 


(11/3/2013) Zac ability update. (link)

-While I had kept Zac's Live Innate as part of his new one in his first redesign overhaul, it was generally too much on a champion that already had as many ways to keep himself alive as the redesigned Zac did. Now that it has been removed, the ways in which he can actively keep himself alive (which also happen to be a huge part of his ability use decision-making) can potentially be stronger than I've set them out to be, or at least wouldn't have to be toned down as much as they would have if Zac had kept his passive Guardian's Angel.


(11/2/2013) Skarner ability overhaul. (link)

-After playing a few dozen games as the new Skarner, it's become apparent to me that tying a fairly weak shield to a (ramping) movespeed boost on a character that's meant to stick around in melee range on top of high-priority targets is a bit confusing--because as Skarner, you want to move fast so you can pull people farther, but a shield's success feedback is "you used this to block damage equal to or greater than the shield's value". I've changed it around to fill a similar purpose while being a lot cooler visually and thematically (on top of being more suited for an ambusher), as it now causes Skarner to burrow and move about underground while not being attacked, and can be activated to grant him a temporary boost depending on how long he was burrowed for. 


(7/29/2013) Zac redesign overhaul. (link)

-Zac's initial redesign was meant to address how his Live kit tries to incorporate a number of iconic goo-man qualities but not in a way that's as cool as it could be or unified beyond "he's a tank that can do tank things", by giving him 3 different forms that fully embrace the qualities his Live kit included. However, it was a bit too cluttered and messy, but I've managed to simplify it down and enhance his gooey-ness while still giving his kit a clear focus and gameplay niche. Now, Zac is a super resilient lategame tank that evolves and gets bigger over the course of the game, who can trade his respectable built-in defensive capability in order to make more offensive plays.


(7/17/2013) Hecarim mechanic update. (link)

-Changed Hecarim's scaling from bonus AD to total AD, giving him a proper bruiser/tank power curve while allowing him to build up all the defensive stats he needs without feeling like he's missing out on the full effect of his abilities.


(4/23/2013) Nunu ability and gameplay update. (link)

-While Nunu's initial redesign allowed him to counter-jungle effectively, support his lanes directly, and pull off devastating ganks, I've decided to pull back and focus on the two that are more core to Nunu's identity--his counter-jungling and lane support--so that he is more of a serious annoyance and less of a complete nightmare to enemy junglers and laners alike. This was mostly done by changing his ultimate from a super powerful ganking and escape tool, to something equally whimsical (Willump still rolls into a snowball) but more in-line with Willump's roaming and map control strength. 


(3/8/2013) Amumu ability update. (link)

-Pushed Amumu's kit a bit further in terms of gameplay identity (proximity-aggro tank that can set up AoE wombo combos) and theming, changing Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy (which were initially the same as Live) into an ability that allows him to slowly drag himself to an enemy and possibly stick to them for a bit, and an ultimate that keeps the delay of the initial redesign, but now additionally pulls enemies a set distance closer to him for even more AoE wombo combo action. Think of it as him clinging to your leg and pulling your entire team in for a big group hug (that sets you up for imminent death)!